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Death By PowerPoint, Resurrection By Tablet.

The tablet represents the first serious assault on negative work cultures that have historically been defined by dull meetings. Death By PowerPoint, Resurrection By Tablet is a manifesto for a new, more substantial workplace. Stop meeting after the meeting.

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The Occupy Meeting Toolkit

Don’t settle for disengaged meetings or unsatisfying presentations. Start occupying your own meetings. Grab a tablet, download some or all the apps we handpicked below and start redefining how you and your team work.

  • Alfresco — Content management matched with round-trip editing capabilities and sharing of documents easily from your mobile device.
  • IdeaFlight — Easily share presentations, docs, lessons, designs & more. Drive the experience for an audience and make idea creation collaboration.
  • Paper — Create beautiful content. Sketch, capture and share your ideas across the Web.
  • LiveView — Mobile prototyping via a remote screen viewing app. Collaborative prototyping tool that helps create quick and easy simulations, demos and experiential prototypes.
  • LiquidSpace — Help your remote workers find a better place to work or cowork. Browse, reserve and check in to great work spaces for any type of task or meeting.
  • Readability — Reading and browsing, save the web for later or to share and comment, makes reading the web an elegant experience, clears away the clutter of ads, distracting related content.
  • Skype — Video conference and see your entire team face-to-face. Share ideas as if they were in the room.
  • SyncPad — Create a shared whiteboard for remote and local collaboration.
  • Quickoffice Pro HD — Office editing suite that lets you create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentation formats, as well as view PDF files, on the go.