This holiday season, save 25% in our online store and unwrap one of Alfresco’s on-demand training courses.  Whether you want to dive in deep and immerse yourself in our core technology, or improve your knowledge in one or two areas, we have an online course to suit you.  By studying online and at your own pace this holiday season, you and your organization can save time and money, eliminating expensive travel costs, and mastering key areas of Alfresco wherever and whenever you want - at home, in the office, even on the go.

All our online courses contain documentation, guided narration, step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations. What’s more, our courses are enhanced through online labs in a real environment. You can pause and rewind whenever you want and repeat sections if you need to really consolidate your learning. Whether you are new to Alfresco or just need to sharpen your skills, Alfresco on demand training will help you be successful with your implementation.

On-demand Training Options

Introductory Systems Administration
This self-paced course is geared to first-time administrators and will give you a solid foundation in the concepts and techniques required to manage and administer your Alfresco implementation. Through a blend of sessions, demonstrations and exercises, you will acquire the basic knowledge required to make informed key decisions about how to set-up and manage an Alfresco system.

Foundation for Developers
This self-paced course is designed to introduce you to the core technology of the Alfresco Platform in 16 hours or less. The demonstrations and exercises will get you up to speed quickly with Alfresco so you’ll become proficient in the theory and practice of our architecture and deployment options.

Alfresco Elements
We’ve made some of the most useful subjects in our online training courses available as à la carte ‘Elements’ that you can purchase either individually or in bundles - saving you time and money by only signing up for those you really need.

Unwrap Alfresco in time for the holidays and give yourself a gift that lasts well into 2013 and beyond!


  • Save time and money - no travel required
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own time
  • Test yourself with quizzes and hands-on labs and exercises
  • Build a strong foundation in Alfresco for you and your team

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